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Alessandro Fornaci Vantiber portrait

Alessandro Fornaci (Vantiber) was born in Rome in 1974.
He graduated from the First Public Art Institute of Rome ‘Silvio D’Amico’ with a Major in Art of Printmaking, where he then became laboratory assistant under the directions of Masters Nini Santoro and Carlo Venturi.

In June 2000, he opened his own printing atelier, dedicated to the editions of art prints from prestigious Masters engravers, and to the development and the research of materials and techniques of traditional printmaking;

In May 2002 he founds the experimental laboratories of engraving in Rome “Stamperia del Tevere” open to all artists looking for a place to share their creative experiences.

In July 2003 he start to attend the "International Centre for Graphic Art", organized by the KAUS in Urbino with the direction of Giuliano Santini, where he had meetings who would have been very important for his further understanding of the graphic art, stimulating a new esthetical and stylistic approach. Artists such as Alfredo Bartolomeoli, Stanislav Wejman, Nino Bacco, Bruno Cerboni  Bajardi, Adriano Calavalle and Rossano Guerra helped him to open new horizons with the infinite possibilities offered by chalcography.

In 2010 with the Master Stefano Pallagrosi creates “COSMICONSENSUS” an Interplanetary artist network. The following year together with Laura Peres gives birth to “LaurAndros”, artistic duo dedicated to the dialogue of different languages and techniques, and along with Valerio Canulli, Giovanni Piccini and Valerio Landi, in the “Studio Drago” of Fano (Italy), they develop the project TALI-CAPI/CAPITALI conceiving and printing the works €£ IZA BETH selected with honourable mention at the XL International print award “Carmen Orozena”.

In 2011 his work LVX-LEX is featured at the "54th Biennal of Venice", selection by Prof. Massimo Mattioli.

With Cecilia Giampaoli, Grant Ditzler and Raffaella Ravelli in 2012 creates the “Co.P.Res.Centre – Contemporary Printmaking Research Centre”, dedicated to the experimentation and the fusion of modern technologies with the traditional techniques of graphic arts.

In 2015 with Bruno Aller and the artists of ”Stamperia del Tevere” and “I Diagonali” gives birth to a social and cultural project in the controversial urban district of Corviale in Rome, with the creation of "Laborintus", a printmaking Laboratory and other associated arts open to locals as well as International artists to promote the cultural upgrade of the area and create opportunities for artistic exchanges and research.

Vantiber has always tackled in his works themes related to esotericism and alchemical symbolism, inspired by the readings of R. Guénon, G. I. Gurdjieff, P. D. Ouspensky, F. Shuon, A. Coomaraswamy, T. Dethlefsen, O. Wirth, E. Shuré, and other traditional exegetes related to "Sophia Perennis" and traditional essays, deepening the knowledge of oriental culture with particular attention to the Jewish, Islamic, Taoist and Vedic religions.

With over 100 group exhibitions in 20 different countries, his works are selected in Italian and International public and private collections, among which: Archive of the International Center for Engraving Artistic KAUS, Urbino; Collection of Contemporary Art Dep. Chapman University (USA); Archive of Orange Coast College (USA); Archive of CAL State Fullerton University; Grand Central Art Center of Santa Ana (USA); Philobiblon Gallery (Rome, Milan, New York); Collection Empreinte, Luxembourg.

He lives and works between Rome and Los Angeles.

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