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Since 2003 at the Stamperia del Tevere, Vantiber began to train both private artists and students of the Academy of Fine Arts, holds numerous apprentices of biennal of specialization in graphic art, collaborates with other institutions, institutes and academies organizing numerous seminars and workshops:

August 2014 - "Sale del Castellare", Urbino.

With Giovanni Piccini show a demostration of traditional engraving, during the exhibition organized by Marcello Tiboni with the works of "Stamperia la Posterula". Photo by Yuliya Galycheva.

2014 / 15 - American students of architecture, Pantheon Institute of Rome.

With Alessia Consiglio and Laura Peres organized two courses about traditional techniques and experimental  photoengraving with UV plotter of vectorial images.

July 2017 - Collaborates with Ass. Cult. "Ars Graphica" for the realization of the international seminar "Graphic Art in Dialogue".

In the laboratories of the Stamperia del Tevere, Laborintus - Corviale Arvalia, shows with Bruno Aller, Valerio Canulli, Silvia Puteo and Fabio Mariani shows experimental approach of traditional intaglio techniques and new technologies.

September 2016 - Invitation from the "Atelier Empreinte", Luxembourg for an experimental course of photoengraving.

With Cecilia Giampaoli, organized the course about the use of screen printing and UV plotter printing for the production of photomechanical matrices.

April 2016 - Dutch students in a cultural exchange project promoted by the European community.