Since 2003 at the Stamperia del Tevere, Vantiber began to train both private artists and students of the Academy of Fine Arts, holds numerous apprentices of biennal of specialization in graphic art, collaborates with other institutions, institutes and academies organizing numerous seminars and workshops:


July 2017 - Collaborates with Ass. Cult. "Ars Graphica" for the realization of the international seminar "Graphic Art in Dialogue".


In the spaces of Laborintus, Alessandro Fornaci togheter with Valeria Gasparrini, Yuliya Galycheva, Albena Nikolova, Fabio Mariani, Valerio Landi and Silvia Puteo, realizes a demonstration of the possible applications of traditional graphics with new technologies.

September 2016 - Invitation from "Atelier Empreinte", Luxembourg for an experimental course of photoengraving.

With Cecilia Giampaoli, organized the course about the use of screen printing and UV plotter printing for the production of photomechanical matrices.

April 2016 - Dutch students in a cultural exchange project promoted by the European community.


In the laboratories of the Stamperia del Tevere, Laborintus - Corviale Arvalia, teaches traditional techniques of engraving on plexiglass and metal.

2014 / 15 - American students of architecture, Pantheon Institute of Rome.  


With Valeria Gasparrini,Alessia Consiglio and Laura Peres organized two courses about traditional techniques and experimental  photoengraving with UV plotter of vectorial images.



August 2014 - "Sale del Castellare", Urbino.



With Giovanni Piccini show a demostration of traditional engraving, during the exhibition organized by Marcello Tiboni with the works of "Stamperia la Posterula". Photo by Yuliya Galycheva.

August 2011 - invited to the simposium "The double sense of the engraver". KAUS - Urbino (for the 10th anniversary of the KAUS).

In September 2008 he was invited to the United States in Costa Mesa (CA) for the "Artist in residence" program promoted by the CAL State University of Fullerton, with Tom Dowling organized a workshops for students at Orange Coast College in the following three months; at the Grand Central Art Center of Santa Ana (CA), he held some demonstrations of the works that will be exhibited in the personal exhibition "Amerika / Sumerika".

Short documentary "Double Etched" describe the Artist in Residence Program by Fullerton University, curated by Mike McGee and Andrea Harris, Santa Ana, CA

Video by Andrea Capranico.

October 2008 - "Fullerton University", Costa Mesa - CA











Vantiber teaches in an intensive seminar traditional techniques on the theme "Goya's Caprichos".

February 2013 - "Accademia di Belle Arti", Roma.



With the artist Laura Peres organize an advanced course about the fusion of heliographic techniques with the traditional engraving, And about the fluidification of aquatint through the use of tibetan bells and other analogic and electronic forms of harmonic resonance, with the Tibetan Dam Choi Lama and the sound physicist Prof. Paolo Camiz.

August 2008 - "KAUS", Urbino












He was assistant of Pasquale Santoro and Giovanna Martinelli at the international courses of KAUS on the approach to the art of engraving with particular reference to the S. W. Hayter method.